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CH200D Magnetic bar flat mesh printing machine

CH-200-D is computerized fully auto digital magnetic plain printing machine.
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CH-200-D is computerized fully auto digital magnetic plain printing machine.

It is suitable for printing plush carpets,blankets,beash towels,sweaters,towels,bath towels,decorative fabrics,leather and various thick and thin fabrics.Especially suitable for double full scratch printing.



(1) High accuracy,reach ±0.20mm.

(2) Speed fast,especially proper for double width serial printing,you can select totally different color and pattern type in printing.

(3) Whole implanted magnetic seat,the magnetic force is strong and breakdown rate nearly to zero.

(4) The movement of magnetic seat adopts spiral tranmission pattern,it is high speed,stability and low noise.

(5) Magnetic seat changing pattern can be auto,controlled,the change is easy and fase.

(6) Printing frame adopts tracking pulley structure,it si solid locking,convenient movement,and three-dimensional adjustable position.

(7) The rising and falling of frame adopts combined oil and air hydraulic system,it can be trans located totally 250mm,and pattern printing is fast and easy.

(8) Gluing system is precisely well-distributed,both single piece intermission and serial gluing  system can be used.

(9) Equipped with high effect five fensionless drying oven system,it gives each aspects inside the oven maintaining at the same temperature±1℃ ,energy-saving due to optimum insulation,especially proper for both serial and single piece.

(10) The most advanced computer operation system monitors whole course automatically ,it is easy to operate,and shows the breakdown.


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