Chieng Hsin Machinery Co.Ltd. in Taiwan is an advanced enterprise, specializes in manufacturing high quality printing machine. Since the factory has been set up, we have collected various merits of the printing machines from worldwide famous brands with sharpness, oration and high-technical tending to produce every kind of printing machine. The appearance is remarkable, strong construction, fuly auto computer control, high printing accuracy, high capacity, manpower saved, and the finished product is excellent.


In recent years, the models which we have researched and manufactured are:

CH-200 Flat Screen Printing Machine with Magnetic Roll Scraper.

CH-3000 Scraper Flat Screen Printing Machine.

CH-8000 Scraper Flat Screen Printing Machine.

CH-I68 Automatic treadmill printing machine.

Automatic towel heat transfer production line.

Rotary Screen Printing Machine (Magnetic Roll I Scraper).

CH-5000 Scraper Flat Screen Printing Machine.

CH-900 Oval Screen Printing Machine.

Automatic towel heat transfer production line.

Guide-belt digital printing machine.

The equipment is selling to South-East Asia, local and each province in Main-land China. A lot of customers are deeply praised by many fields like blanket, towel printing and dye, leather, kiting etc.Besides, we can design and manufacture printing machine according to user’s printing pattern.

In our thinking our ideal is to increase user‘scapacity and quality, enlarge economical benefit, supply complete equipment and quality, service.Whatever you are already our customer or you are a new customer. We all welcome you.Thank you very much for your support and concern. Our company shall try our very best to serve you.

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