CH-8000 Scraper flat screen printing machine
CH8000,Auto Scraper Flat Screen Printing Machine is the best accomplishment that Chieng Hsin Machine has always made every effort to improve and create it without stop.It is equiped with various advanced and continous tension-free load device,loading with heating thermoplastic sticking bar,it also eqipped with guide type of infrared auto,edging system.Therefore,it can adapt drapery to tension and double broad loading etc.,gluing device equipped with two devices that are water base glue and thermoplastic glue ones.
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CH200D Magnetic bar flat mesh printing machine
CH-200-D is computerized fully auto digital magnetic plain printing machine.
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CH600-8085 Series rotary screen printing machine
CH600-8085 series rotary screen printing machine is our based on Germany screen printing machine and developed open-type magnet printing machine with total intellectual property.After innovation of technology and inspection of market,it becomes a popular type.
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CH-5000D Combination of round-net and flat machine
Especially proper for lowel,quantity and much more species printing.
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