Blue rotary UV laser engraver
Magnetic grid from Germany,and laser from Japan,Bearing and servo motor as well,strong stability.
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High-speed flatbed inkjet engraver
Epson head,bearing,servo motor and driver from Japan.Reducer form France,reliable work and high precision.
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Blue Flatbed UV laser engraver
Adopt Self-develop Multi-accuracy lens,output resolution 360/720/1440 or 508/1016 dpi,could print demanding graphics such as full bottom halftone and ultrafine lines pan.Bearing and servo motor as well,strong stability.
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Digital printing steamer
Digital printing steamer is a small size long loop steamer.With the rapid development of the digital printing machine in recent years,samples have developed to small volume production.If the printed cloth can't be steamed in the time,it may be affected with damp or be contaminated and then become substandard products.For this reason,in 2008,our company has been as pioneer in making the digital printing steam.
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Digital printing coating machine
With the padder putting the mixer and the auxiliary evenly on the cloth,digital printing coating machine makes the cloth smooth for printing.The auxiliary helps the dye react.It can also put the softner on the cloth to fix it and dry the cloth.
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Digital printing washing machine
Firstly ,by 3 layers crawler soak with no water left,the overflow pipe wet out the cloth to soften the surface of the cloth,secondly,the cloth will go to the second water channel to be showed with high pressure to remove the color on the surface.Then it will go into the soap boiling bath.In the soap boiling bath and the rinsing groove,there is water pump to take the water to recycle fast.The fast moving recycling water and the cloth impact and shock in the wave shape narrow passageway to wash fast and efficiently.
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